The user interacts with exchange via apps - Web apps, mobile apps for communicators and tablets for Android and iOS, desktop apps for PC and Mac.

The server part (Backend) of cryptocurrency exchange is built on the basis of a hybrid micro-service architecture (MSA). This architecture allows the system to be divided into small and simple applications – the micro services. The micro services are isolated in containers from one another and may interact exclusively by exchanging messages through the system queue (a message bus) or special interfaces (APIs).

Apps interact with the system server via special gate (API), which technically represents another micro service and isolates the system from intrusions from the outside and allows to connect different kinds of apps to the system in a unified manner.

This architecture has a number of significant advantages in terms of security, stability and performance. Failure or hacking of a separate micro service will not disrupt the whole system’s operation, because the micro service is isolated and can be replaced by another one.

The performance of such a system can be easily scaled as needed, by launching additional instances of micro services. This allows to ensure the speed and operational comfort for users, and to protect against DDOS attacks.


Status: Ready