Payment system

Today, every successful business owner is doing everything possible to ensure their customers the ability to pay in various ways. One of the innovative payment methods that many businesses already use is cryptocurrency. & Nbsp;

The main advantage of accepting payments in a cryptocurrency is the absence of intermediaries. & nbsp; Instant, secure and cross-border payments with low fees, without the intervention of banks or other financial institutions.

For example, a payment made using a banking cards, there are a number of processes and intermediaries, each of which has its own rules and restrictions. As a result, the money reaches the beneficiary only after a few days, or even weeks, which is extremely inconvenient, since circulating money could, in that time, bring profit or be used to pay bills.

Benefits of accepting payments in a cryptocurrency

Low commissions

Commissions for conducting cryptocurrency transactions are usually lower than when paying with credit and debit cards. In addition, there are hidden fees for processing bank cards. & Nbsp;

Irreversibility of payments

Crypto payments are irreversible and protected, since all transactions are recorded and encrypted in the public blockchain. You can accept payments from any country and guarantee 100% that the money cannot be frozen or refunded.

Customer Privacy

To receive payments, there is no need to collect personal information about users. Paying in digital currency, the client does not need to provide his personal data or any financial information.

24-hour service

The work of companies that own a merchant account does not depend on the hours of operation of banks, the client of the site can pay for the purchase 24/7. This will significantly increase the number of buyers of goods or services.

Additional clients

The tools presented on the platform will allow any business to take advantage of decentralized solutions, providing the ability to receive payments anywhere in the world, with all the necessary analytics and consideration.


  • Acceptance of cryptocurrency payments in minutes on any website, online store, blog or anywhere else.
  • Create a free account for the merchant (merchant), with only an email address and password.

No upfront costs and setup fees (integration), no annoying and time consuming verification. All functions and tools are available to everyone, at no additional charge and the need for verification.


Status: Ready