Coins listing

After successfully conducting an ICO / IEO and releasing your own coin, the next important step for the company is listing on trading platforms. This process cannot be called simple, because each exchange has its own conditions, both technical and legal. However, with the support of specialists at an early stage of an ICO, the main obstacles at the listing stage can be avoided.

The launch of a project on a cryptocurrency market often leads to popularity and a noticeable increase in the value of the coin, since for many investors the addition of digital currency to the listing of the stock exchange is a signal to acquire this asset. The pricing of the coin, the formation of its liquidity and the increase in the user audience of a startup, directly depends on the prevalence and applicability of this cryptocurrency.

YOUR.EXCHANGE specialists provide consulting and technical support to projects wishing to enter the ICO with a subsequent listing on the platform. We will help you to position your project correctly, take into account legal and financial aspects, prepare the product for launch and listing on trading platforms.


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