Margin investment

Margin Investment is an additional possibility for investors to gain profit via providing traders with assets at interest.

Our Platform's facilities allow investors to create offers on selected conditions. Investors are free to choose the desired sum, period, and interest rate. The loan sum is locked when the investor accepts the trader's offer.

At maturity, the exchange unlocks the loan sum and pays the chosen interests.

How it works

For instance, the investor places an order for 2 BTC on 0.01% a day, necessarily mentioning a period of a loan. During this period he won't be able to take his funds out.

When margin positions open trader borrows 2 BTC or less and pays 0.01% a day.

The benefits of margin investment

  • Low risks. It is impossible to withdraw funds from the exchange.
  • Beneficial interest. You get approximately 0.02% a day, which is 7.3% annually.
  • Time-saving. There is no need in looking for better strategies or dedicating time to considering traders values.
  • Automatic control. All payments have an automated control system. There is no need for additional monitoring.


Status: Ready