PAMM accounts

A service that allows investors to earn money by trusting the management of a part of their deposit to experienced and successful traders, and to managing traders to earn additional profits by increasing the trade balance.

The managing trader opens a PAMM-account and invests in it a certain amount (manager's capital). With this sum, he risks on a par with his investors, which makes his trade more deliberate. After that, he creates an offer in which he specifies the conditions for cooperation with investors, including a percentage of the profit that he will receive as a reward for managing accounts.

An investor studies the performance of managing traders using a rating and invests in a PAMM-account you like.

The manager trades on the stock exchange, using both his capital and the funds invested by investors in the PAMM-account. Gains and losses resulting from trading are automatically distributed between the manager and his investors in proportion to the amounts contributed.


Status: In developing