Referral program

To attract the attention of traders and new users, many trading platforms successfully use referral and bonus programs, the varieties of which are endless. This is an excellent and inexpensive method of company promotion, which can be a solution to some marketing tasks, since the existing customers of the project are involved in its development and distribution.

For example, some exchanges reward their users with a percentage of completed transactions or the purchase of internal tokens by referral link. For active clients, this is a good opportunity to enter the world of cryptocurrencies with minimal effort and risk, by obtaining passive income, without making transactions on the platform and regardless of the market situation.

It has long been proven that people trust the recommendations of loved ones and friends, and thanks to social networks and mobile applications, it has become easier and faster to share information, which allows companies to get more coverage at any time. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Platform owners YOUR.EXCHANGE have a wide range of functions for launching and configuring various types of bonus and referral programs with the ability to track statistics, analyze and get the desired result!


Status: Ready for release