Trade fees can be easily customized for individual preference by the owner of the exchange.

Trading fees

For the purchase and sale of digital currency on the exchange, it is necessary to take into account the trade fees that will be charged to each transaction as a percentage of the total value of the transaction.

For example, some exchanges set a fees of 0.2% of the transaction value on all transactions, but usually the fees are divided into two separate categories:

Maker's Fees

The fee is charged for the order placed in the order book. Since market makers support the liquidity of the exchange, commissions are lower for this type of order.

Taker Commission

Applies to transactions that are made on the market instantly. Since it takes out liquidity from the market, commission fees are usually higher than that of the maker.

There is also a multi-level structure of fees based on trading volume — the higher the trading volume, the lower the fees.

Withdrawal of funds

For a withdrawal of cryptocurrency, as a rule, a fixed fees is applied, and a percentage of the amount may be charged for withdrawing fiat funds.


Fees for the conversion of cryptocurrency is usually fixed, but some customers may get access to more favorable commissions depending on the conditions of the exchange.


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