Margin trading

Margin trading or trading with leverage is the provision of a pledge by the exchange to increase the volume of the transaction and ensure the greater purchasing power. For example, with a leverage of 1:3 with only $1000, you can open a margin position for $3000.

With the right methods of risk and balance management, the margin can be used to potentially improve the investment strategy, opening up new opportunities for the investor.


Unique features of our platform:  

  • Editing the leverage of existing margin position
  • Stop Loss / Take Profit Position Attached Order for efficient trading and margin position protection
  • 3 isolated groups for each market to open margin positions and orders that do not affect each other.
  • Configurable risk manager bot that prohibits opening a series of losing trades and limiting the total loss on positions.
  • Trader's Diary - report and statistics on closed margin positions.


Status: Ready