ОТС and Р2Р Trading

This tool may appeal to big investors due to its flexibility in transactions the significant amount of digital assets.

It may be complicated to conduct such transactions on a regular trading platform due to the lack of a required amount on the market. It is also unprofitable for investors because there is no fixed price, which leads to a significant increase in price. For instance, in 2013, there was a purchase of BTC on $15 Million (25000 BTC). This deal led to a tremendous increase in BTC price from $527 to $753.

When P2P trading takes place, it is possible to agree on a fixed price which may be insignificantly higher than a price on the market, but eventually, it is much cheaper than on a regular exchange. This service necessary accompanies the client through the whole process until the deal is complete. This approach guarantees the safety of the client’s interests and security of the deal


Status: Ready for release