Crypto portfolio

There are more than 1,500 registered cryptocurrencies in the world, each of which is designed to solve problems and problems using the blockchain technology. Promising ideas of some startups are being implemented and implemented, and some may disappear this year.

Professional investors know that investing in only one asset can be disastrous. And even if digital currency has a good reputation, like Bitcoin, there are many opportunities in the Altcoins that should not be missed.

The key to successful investment is the proper formation of a cryptocurrency portfolio, risk diversification, constant monitoring and control.

YOUR.EXCHANGE provides clients with all the necessary tools to easily manage their investments and build a cryptocurrency portfolio, with the ability to analyze and rebalance in real time.

The functionality of the platform allows you to track changes with an indication of revenue growth and the ability to determine the optimal moment to buy or sell a digital asset.

The possibility of instant exchange will help to avoid investment drawdowns with a sharp decline in the cryptocurrency rate and help to keep assets in a stable currency until the exchange rate recovers.

In the mobile version all the functions of the YOUR.EXCHANGE service are implemented for quick access and effective management of cryptocurrency investments 24/7.

The following options are available to users:

  • Comfortable and responsive design
  • Charts and current market data
  • The ability to rebalance the crypto portfolio
  • Market tracking and notification setting
  • Charts and analytics of a cryptocurrency portfolio.
  • Cryptocurrency chart - display historical price data for the period: day, week, month, year and all the time.
  • Mobile application for Android and iOS with all the necessary functionality
  • View all the latest news and cryptocurrency events


Status: In developing